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Planification and Optimization

From individual routes to global routes and loads for any number of vehicles, from pre-assigned orders to AI-based algorithms for automatic assignment, Linkia’s services cover most of your planning and optimizing needs in logistics.


Single-route optimizer


Find the optimized delivery order for routes already assigned to each vehicle, taking into account the vehicle location and the different pick-up and drop-off points, with the optional return to the initial depot (round trip).



Find the best vehicle to perform each order, identifying a set of selection criteria and automatically assigning the order to the vehicle who most closely meets the criteria, including time, distance, availability, vehicle characteristics, work distribution...


Multi-route planner and optimizer


Plan and optimize routes and loads for any number of vehicles, with one or more supply points, based on: available vehicles and their characteristics, hours of collection and delivery and all sorts of different restrictions (costs, regulations, autonomous drivers, etc.).

Contact our specialists and we will help you to join a new way to plan and optimize your services.

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