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Smart facilities

Linkia provides a range of IoT solutions to guarantee the right environmental conditions, improve personal well-being, prevent damage to products or facilities, and control business processes and their efficiency.

Based on an ecosystem of sensors that connect wirelessly to the Linkia platform, all the information can be viewed and analyzed in the Linkia Monitor application, real-time alerts can be configured for important events in the facilities and the data can be integrated with your own computer systems.

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Environmental control

Control the environmental conditions of your offices, warehouses, factories, laboratories or clean rooms, both to guarantee the proper conservation of products and the best health conditions. With real-time alerts when set limits are exceeded.

SOLUTIONS: Control of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, control of lighting and noise levels, monitoring of CO2 and air quality, detection of harmful particles ...

Facilities security

React immediately and avoid damage and loss if an incident occurs that could put the integrity of the facilities at risk, such as floods, fires or theft. With immediate alerts when detected.

SOLUTIONS: Detection of the opening of doors and windows, detection of movement or presence of people, warning of water leaks, smoke and fires ...

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Control of manufacturing processes

Ensure the proper performance of all the elements and machinery of the manufacturing or product elaboration processes, in order to guarantee that the desired safety and quality requirements are met. With real-time alerts if any value is not what is expected.

SOLUTIONS: Temperature control in refrigerators and freezers (cold chain), soil moisture in crops, liquid flow measurement, control of electrical signals (analog / digital / Modbus), control of power outages ...

Business efficiency

Monitor the most relevant values to manage your business costs and use these indicators to understand and improve the efficiency of all processes and use of facilities.

SOLUTIONS: Measurement of electricity consumption, reading of water or gas meters, level of liquids or solids in tanks or silos, detection of occupation of rooms and desks, counting of people, occupation of parking spaces ...

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Linkia Monitor

All our smart facilities solutions are controlled from a single application, accessible from any computer or mobile phone.

A single
monthly subscription includes sensor monitoring services, data analysis and alerts in real time with notifications on your smartphone or email. Also, easily integrate sensor data with your own IT systems using our Device API.

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