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Hyper Traceability

From trailers and containers to individual items, Linkia’s traceability provides the up-to-date location and status information of goods and valuable assets.

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Linkia Tracker native app


GPS tracking app with efficient battery management and respect for the privacy of the user.


Available with permanent licenses, suitable for hired drivers, or day-by-day licenses for outsourced drivers.


It tracks the route, distance traveled and stops of the associated truck or container.

Asset tracking


Keep track of your most important assets with location and movement history, utilization monitoring, preventative maintenance, theft recovery, and much more.


Available for trucks, trailers and containers, choose within our range of versatile and rugged GPS tracking devices.

Cargo monitoring and control


Control the environmental conditions and security of the cargo to guarantee the proper conservation of products and avoid damages and loss.

Our solutions include a wide range of sensors, from cold-chain temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, to door opening or trailer identification.

With real-time alerts when set limits are exceeded.

Linkia Monitor

All our traceability solutions are controlled from a single application, accessible from any computer or mobile phone.

A single
monthly subscription includes location and tracking services, and real-time alerts with notifications on your smartphone or email. Also, easily integrate the assets data with your own IT systems using our Device API.

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